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KU Campus Project Completed and What the Gif?

How many of you out there have started using GIFs on your phone while texting? If you are behind the times, like me, it may have been a recent discovery and you are most likely pronouncing it "JIFFs" like the peanut butter brand. Well, grandma, I am here to tell you... it is NOT pronounced like that. I have been corrected by the young folk that is pronounced like a 2 year old trying to say the word GIFT... "Mama, Santa bring me a GIFF". There, now you are cool.

I have started to use them all the time. I used to use emoticons but those things can no longer express what I am wanting to say like a GIF can.

"You want to trick or treat together for Halloween?" My response:

Mike: "I am bringing home Chipotle for dinner" My response:

See, isn't that so much more fun than texting? Sometimes I like to post on here about things non-home related so hopefully you are ok with that. NOW onto a video Mike did for you guys to show you the campus house he was working on completed. Remember the post on the box beams? This is the same house. I can't believe how beautiful it turned out. Check it out...

Love your HALLOWEEN Nest :) ​XOXO, Mike and Annie