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Home Update & a Slide!

​Hi everybody! I am sorry that I have been on a bit of hiatus. I could say that not much excitement happens in the winter with building and so I just didn't have much to blog about. But the truth is that with the craziness of the holidays and the depressing weather my blog writing mojo has just been kinda "meh". I also have a little more OCD than I'd like to admit so if I feel like I don't have it all pulled together then I don't post. And....... as a mom of a 3 year old and 5 year old ..... it is not very often I feel pulled together. Nonetheless, I am going to try and post more often and ask forgiveness if it isn't all buttoned up and pretty.

Have you been wondering about the home you are building with us? Well... LOTS has happened since the hole I left you with in my last post. Here are some pictures from this week!

Remember, this is what the final product will look like ...

303 Dole Drive being framed. It's all coming together beautifully.

Look at that view of the pond out of the back window!

Here are the dirty details in super simple terms, as best as I can explain: 1. We started with a big hole. 2. We poured the foundation. Foundation is made of concrete. 3. The house gets framed. This is the stage we are in! Lumber for the house gets delivered from the lumber yard and a crew assembles all of the walls, stairs, the roof from these materials. This is a fun stage because the house begins to take shape! One thing we like to tell our clients is during this stage you can "walk the house" and get a good feel for the space. There is one interesting caveat though, for some reason the rooms feel really LARGE when in the framing stage. You might go, WOW this master closet is WAY bigger than I imagined when we designed this and I want to make it smaller (said no woman EVER)! But once the drywall (the stuff that actually is the WALL that gets painted) goes up you won't feel that way anymore, it will feel smaller. We'll be framing for the next couple weeks and then on to the mechanical phases or as Mike would say "putting the guts in the house", all the wiring, plumbing and heating and cooling ducts. Exciting stuff, folks!

In other news, Mike just installed a slide... yes, a SLIDE...inside one of his custom builds.

This beauty of a slide goes from the living room down into the basement library.

And look at this picture of rows and rows of tile that will be going into the home soon. That's the most I've ever seen!

​I will give you an insiders tour of this ultra modern home that has some unbelievable features in my next post so stay tuned! And of course I'll keep you updated on the house you're helping build. Hope you are staying cozy in your nest this winter! XO, Annie