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Sneak Peek into one of the Coolest Homes I've Ever Seen

It's a rainy Monday morning, our creek behind our house is absolutely raging. It's hard to get motivated to do much more than drink my coffee. I drove thru Starbucks after school drop off today because Mike usually makes my coffee and he is traveling to Augusta to see the Practice Rounds of the Masters. Have you tried their new Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato? I usually drink my coffee black but since Mike is on vacation I do little things like this to make my own "mini vacations" - ha! I decided to give this drink a try, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, and it is DELICIOUS! I don't drink cow's milk so the fact they serve almond milk is music to my ears. How's your coffee tasting this morning?

​I've decided to show you a sneak peek of one of my favorite projects Mike Wedman Homes has ever done. We are putting together a video so you can see it all but that won't be out for a little while. Over the past couple weeks sitings of my husband around the house have been rare. You see, when it comes to the end of a project it's as if everything happens at once and he has to be there for almost all of it. I hear him get up at 4am and soon he's out the door, when he gets home at 730pm he has a quick bite to eat and goes to sleep. He works hard all day long, both mentally and physically, when it's "move in month". He wants everything to be perfect for his clients. Its as if it's his own home. I guess in a way it feels like it is, he usually spends anywhere from 9 months to a year working on a custom home. He's there everyday. He helps the client from start to finish, that includes the design process all the way to mopping the floors for clean up before the client moves in. Each aspect of that home he has touched, and loved, and brought to life. And this home, oh my goodness, it is unbelievable! Take a look...

What do you think? It's super cool, right? I am so proud of Mike Wedman Homes. This truly is a showcase project for them. Keep your eyes out for our video that will walk you through this amazing home in more detail. ​Until then, love your rainy, soggy, dreary, happy Monday nest :) Don't forget to "Like" and Follow my new Love Your Nest Blog page on facebook. This will help you stay up to date with all things Love Your Nest. :) XO, Annie