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Screened-In Porch Bliss

There are two kinds of people: People that DREAM of having a screened-in porch... and People who HAVE a screened-in porch and BRAG about it (thus making first said group of people even more eager to fulfill their dream).

I don't currently have a screened-in porch -- Mike told me we'd eventually do that and I'm still waiting (not patiently). My last two homes had one. The way I would describe the feeling of having a screened-in porch is equivalent to sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning, waking up to your husband who has a piping hot cup o'joe ready, the house spic and span, the children still sleeping, and the perfect sunrise coming up (over the mountains, with deer frolicking in the meadow). It's that good. And here is the awesome part, they aren't THAT expensive compared to other home renovations. Another benefit is unlike other home renovations they don't require you to vacate the critical space in your home (like the kitchen or the living room) for months at time --- because they're OUTSIDE! When done correctly they can give the perception of more square footage of living space in your home, this adds value to your home. Errrrbody loves that.

Most screened-in porches are built right off the kitchen to add additional entertaining space but sometimes people like having one right off their bedroom for a "coffee spot" or "night cap nook". Also, my folks have done something really neat ... they've turned their screened-in porch (which they now "live in", I'm not joking, they spend the majority of their life in there) into a three seasons room. So it's screened-in during the spring, summer, early fall and then when the cold weather rolls in they put glass in its place and continue to enjoy their beloved porch with the use of a small heater.​

One of my favorite reasons for having a screened-in porch -- besides the obvious fact that they let you enjoy your outdoor space for longer periods of the desirable seasons -- is that it keeps BUGS at bay. For me, not having blood suckers bothering me every other minute or watching a wasp chase my screaming child, is a HUGE benefit.

The one question every one asks is HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Well, in Mike's own words "it all depends". Let us come take a look at your outdoor space and help you decide what would work for you! You could become a part of the SIP (Screened-in Porch) Club which will truly elevate your lifestyle. That's the majority of what you do on a screened in porch, right? ... Sip. Sip on a coffee. Sip on a margarita. Imagine yourself grabbing a warm blanket, sipping on a glass of wine, lighting the fire, turning on some Van Morrison (preferably "Into the Mystic") and enjoying your little slice of Screened-in Porch Heaven. Yup, life is good. Love your NEST! XO, Annie and Mike