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Today we launch our new Love Your Nest website!

For some time now I've been growing my Love Your Nest business and I've decided it's time for our own website!

We've come a long way... this new adventure began two years ago when I became a Realtor and began marketing homes for my husbands company, Mike Wedman Homes. Over the past 13 years, as we've built many personal homes together, we've found that it is a natural fit for Mike to do the designing of the home and for me to pick the finishes. This has always been something fun for us to do together -- why not offer our services to others together? Well, we hadn't thought of it until people started asking for it.

Now we are growing in ways we only dreamed of being possible. What started out as a blog to keep others updated on home projects we were working on and decorating advice has turned into a business. We have branched into the home project world together and I couldn't be more excited! We're happy to help with your needs for your nest, big or small. We offer services ranging from redecorating your current space with decor you already have on hand to tearing down the walls and putting in a dream kitchen :)

We will continue to blog about all things home related and will share the projects we work on with you. Lets Love Our Nests together!

XO, Annie and Mike