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Fresh Decor Ideas for Spring

Is anyone else feeling that extreme longing for spring? For time outside of the house in fresh air .... and green and flowers and warmth. I am. After all of the cold cold weather and dreary days these pictures have brightened my mood.

Let's talk about planters If you are going to use planters this spring go BIG or go home. Oversized planters are the thing to do. Check out these pictures for some ideas.

I love the look of white planters with different textures/colors of greens. So cool and modern but still "Farmhousey" :)

FERNS! Ferns are all the rage people. And easy. Don't they look so pretty?

Isn't this just the cutest little setup? Pansies are what I would call an "easy" flower. They are pretty hearty and they bring a nice pop of color. Although, for some reason I am never wild about purple. Hydrangeas happen to be one of my favorite flowers, they smell divine, and don't they look gorgeous in that big planter?

These are traditional and perfect. Buy these and change them out with the season.

Here are some links to different planters I think are beautiful and affordable:

Overstock offers this tall planter for only $42.99

Of course my favorite, TARGET, is going to represent for $39.99...

And don't wrinkle your nose when I show you this one from WAL-MART. This would look awesome on a deck, and it's $49.95, and did I mention its self-watering? That could be huge for people like me who put "watering plants" as one of the lowest items on the to-do list. It's right there with dusting.

And if you are looking for something a little more upscale, and willing to pay a little more to, then by all means... get this one! And then invite me over to see it and be jealous. $119.95

Happy to think about spring for a minute!

Love your winter Nest ;)