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Spring Break Kitchen Reno

What is more fun than spending your Spring Break demolishing cabinets and installing a new kitchen? Mike and I will be able to comment on that after the week is out. We are collaborating on a kitchen renovation for a client over the next couple of weeks. We will working together Chip and Jo style.

We both work with the client to achieve the desired outcome but Mike does all the dirty work (gets the subcontractors setup, gets hands on with the install) and I get to dream up the design and help finish the project (think pick paint colors, tile, appliances, light fixtures, and decorations)

Do you remember the bedroom transformation I did a while back? Well this is the same client and we are moving on to their kitchen.

The video below will give you a brief explanation of what we are going to be doing on the kitchen project. Excited to work with my husband to create something beautiful! Stay tuned for updates.

Love Your Rainy Nest :)