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Buy Me a Boat

I ain't rich. But I damn sure wanna be. Workin' like a dog all day ain't workin' for me. I wish I had rich uncle that had kicked the bucket, and I was sittin' on a pile like Warren Buffett. I know everybody says money can't buy happiness.... but it can buy me a boat, it can buy me a truck to pull it, it can be a Yeti 110 iced down with some Silver Bullets. I know what they say, money can't buy everything....maybe so....but it can buy me a boat. (Buy Me a Boat lyrics, by Chris Janson) Please listen to this while you read my blog :)

Chris Janson. Yes. It's true. Money can't buy everything. I think we all need to hear that phrase. Other songs come to mind like "Can't Buy Me Love" by the Beatles (most everything in my life relates to the Beatles). But isn't it nice to have the simple pleasures in life? And sometimes those cost money.

Example: I. Love. Starbucks. Every time I drive through Starbucks I feel like I am trying to be someone else-- haha! Can you remember back to when drinking coffee became a "thing"? I assumed Starbucks was for people who were sophisticated. How was I even going to know how to place an order? I don't know anything about flavors and shots and the names confuse me. And then I started to see college students drinking it. What? Ok, well certainly, this is something I can handle. And now, getting a Starbucks is a simple pleasure. It feels like treating myself to something special. I think we all need those little pick me ups every once in awhile ... it can reorient your whole attitude. That $5 latte is worth it if it has the power to make you feel good the whole day through. Is it the caffeine? Maybe. But I think it's more the feeling.

This is my "Jeep Hair Don't Care" pic from today, experiencing the simple pleasure of the wind running through my hair while I drive. And I am not in motion in this pic. This is after I parked (hahaha!). So actually, I do care, because people may think I'm crazy.

Mike Wedman Homes has about 4 projects (custom build jobs!!) going on right now but he recently finished this amazing Spanish colonial style custom home. Here is an inside peek at this beautiful home!

Love Your Nest has a handful of projects going on as well...

One client has asked for my help with picking an outside paint color for their home. At first I went back to the "comfortable" approach and offered easy, standard colors that any home owner would feel good with. But you know what ... I have this little voice inside my head saying "Annie, thats not what you would really recommend". And its true. My gut instinct said that if I were to paint this home I would do none of those colors. I would do white. But WHITE is shocking to people and I didn't want to share my idea because I was afraid they would quickly shoot it down. But I decided to go out on a limb, and I told this client I would do white. Well guess what, we are almost through with the painting and they went with white. And it has turned out better than anything else we would've chosen. Its gorgeous!!! Every time I see one of my gut instinct ideas come to life and look this beautiful I build that confidence to trust myself. We aren't quite finished yet but here are some pics to give you an idea of how its looking...

We are going to add some gray paint on the little circle over the garage and add some gray shutters over the top center window. We will put farmhouse black lights on either side of the garage. Paint the little light out front in the yard black and add some modern black address numbers over the garage. Lastly we are going to change the front door!

I have another client that I am getting ready to outfit the entire new house I helped her buy (she is my real estate client too) with furniture. I will be starting from scratch and buying everything from couches, tables, bed headboards, rugs, curtains, etc. How fun is that?? Here is a pic of it on the outside... so cute!!!

Another client I am working with we are slowly going through most every room of the house and making updates, rearranging furniture and adding in new items to refresh the look.

And even another I am just shopping for a tv stand that will look good in their living room.

Being a personal shopper allows me to express my design style in a way I have never been able to before. Because I only have so many rooms in my house and I can only redecorate or update them so many times I am able to work with other people and express my love for decorating in their space! What a true blessing. Many people have asked me how I got into doing this. Well guess what? I don't have an interior design degree... nope...I have a passion. I study design. Fiercely. I train my eye to see what "could" be there. It is so much fun for me! But the best part is helping someone with a project and seeing how happy they are with the results. It's very fulfilling for me.

This post had a weird title, I know. But I do love that song and the idea behind it. We used to own a boat. I do miss it. Maybe again someday.

Love Your Nest,

XOXO, Annie

Side Note:

Yesterday, I had a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew with pumpkin cold foam and pumpkin spice sprinkled on top. Dude. Delicious!! This has totally replaced the Pumpkin Spice Latte for me. Mmmmmmmmmmm... yummy. Tastes like fall.