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What Is The Greatest Guitar Solo of All Time?

It's been a whirlwind of a week. You know how sometimes time seems to just fly and you are wondering how Friday appeared so quickly? And then other times it's Monday at 8:01am and it seems like its been the longest week ever??

Well, this is a fast week. I think it has something to do with the beginning of fall... it's like ALL the things are happening all at once. I wish I could just pause and remind myself to enjoy the transition from summer to fall. I tend to always be reacting instead of being proactive (or living in the moment). Its like somehow fall sneaks right up behind me and says "BOO! here I am"... and it catches me off guard and I forget to embrace it .. even though I am a self-proclaimed Fall is My Favorite Season Person. I talk a lot about my love for cozy, bonfires, crisp air, pumpkins, jeans, sweatshirts, football games, etc and then I let it all pass me by and it seems unfair with how fast it went. Instead I spend my time doing the same old everyday things.... work, cleaning my house, laundry, taking care of the kids, etc etc. And those fun "Fall moments" that live in my mind slip out of view and suddenly winter is around the corner.

Here's me....

And then I blink and....

And its like I did two of the fall things on my list. Because my "real life" list was like a gazillion lines long and that didn't include fun things like roasting marshmallows, it included things like cleaning the refrigerator out to find out where the terrible smell was coming from, locating a missing soccer shin guard insert, and throwing away papers that come home in my kids backpacks. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Were you waiting for when I was going to talk about music?? Huh? Were ya?!! Yep, me too. 😂

Ok, so today let's talk just for a moment about one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. When I am driving my kids to and fro... to and fro... I often talk to them about music. Typically a song comes on and I say... "do you know who sings this?" or I end up telling them who sings it and I usually sing it for them and they are like MOM!! STOP!! But I don't care, they need to know these things. These are the important things. SO, anyway, the other day we are driving and Free Bird comes on by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Side note: Please please please don't ever tell me you have never heard this song. Quietly click this link, let your mind explode, and then go back to living life but with an entirely new future.

I am telling my girls all about this guitar solo that Allen Collins plays in this song and how it is the most epic guitar solo of all time. I was trying to explain to them how it's a fun joke at concerts to in between songs yell "PLAY FREE BIRD!" because it is a ridiculously good song and I'm assuming so so so hard to play. So, anyway, Abby has now latched on to this (internal Napoleon Dynamite Kip voice saying "Yesssssss" with arm pump) and often in the car she will out of nowhere yell "PLAY FREE BIRD!!!" Guess how often I acquiesce her request...every. time. Life is good.

Were we going to talk about decorating today? Meh. I've been doing a LOT of it lately and so we will catch up on it next time. We talked about Free Bird and really nothing can follow that.

Oh and Happy FRIDAY THE 13th..... cue the screams!

Love Your Superstitious Nest,